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See new links within the hour

Our link retrieval system was overhauled to now let you see any website’s newest backlinks in record time. No more waiting!
Analyze Any Competitor’s Backlinks

Use Backlink Analytics to hone in on a competitor’s strategy and discover your own opportunities for new links in your niche.

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Build New Links With Ease

Outline and manage all of your outreach campaigns directly from Semrush. Build lists, connect your inbox, make templates, automate follow-ups, and more.

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Audit Your Profile

Find any negative signals in your link profile and remove toxic backlinks. Toxic backlinks could lead to a penalty from Google, so secure your site by cleaning up your links.

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What Else Can You Do With Semrush’s Dynamic Backlink Suite?

We’re future-proofing our backlink management suite to give businesses everything they need to compete with the best.

Find Low-Hanging Fruit for Outreach

Compare and contrast backlink gaps in your niche to find new sites your site could build links from. Build lists of domains that are linking to your competitors, but not you.

Find Backlink Prospects

Discover Broken Backlinks in Your Niche

Semrush offers an easy way to identify broken pages in your niche that have backlinks pointing to them. With this info, you can reach out and build new links back to your site.

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Analyze Lists in Bulk

Take a batch list of up to 200 URLs around your topic and analyze their backlink profiles in a quick report. Then, take your analysis to your link building campaign.

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Know Any Domain’s Authority Score

Authority Score estimates how much trust a domain carries in the eyes of Google. With a higher Authority Score, a website’s outbound links will likely carry more SEO impact.

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What’s inside the Semrush Backlink Suite?

We committed over 30,000 expert engineering and data scientists hours, 500 servers to move our system into a better architecture, which officially launched in June 2021. This new architecture has super-powered our backlinks analytics tool making it the fastest, most efficient, and dynamic software on the market.

5 tools for Dynamic Backlink Management

43.8 trillion links

1.6 billion referring domains

25 billion new backlinks crawled per day

Database updates within every hour


What the Experts Say About Semrush Backlinks Suite

“Although I was initially skeptical about the results of Semrush’s study on different backlink tools, I have to say that I’m impressed. After a week of using it, I concluded that it works like clockwork, all the data is always fresh and detailed.”

Milosz Krasinski

“It's Semrush, with another useful update for the SEOs out there! First, they launched super-precise keyword difficulty, and now they're introducing a complete overhaul of their backlink database. I really like how fast it turned out to be, it really helps to track the changes in a site's backlinks profile in no time. Semrush is my SEO Swiss knife.”

Nitin Manchanda

“Semrush has improved their link database so much they are now one of the best link tools available on the market. I have recently let my subscription to a link tool lapse as I use Semrush for so much and it performs so well that I find myself only using it.”

Judith Lewis

“The interface is incredible for making backlink related tasks, everything from discovering toxic patterns through to backlink landing page issues to ensure redirects are in place, the data is fresh with new links discovered and analyzed from yesterday. I've read the Semrush study on different backlink tools and I agree that Semrush is now my first choice for analysis and reporting.”

Gerry White


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